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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before I hire TNAG Cleaning Services?

How Much Will it Cost to Clean My House?

The cost depends on the size of your home; however, we have developed a straightforward approach to provide you with an actual quote – no hidden or extra fees. You can request an instant quote – CLICK HERE.

What supplies or equipment do I need to provide?

Our goal is to help you keep your home safe; therefore, we strongly advise you to provide your own cleaning rags (microfiber preferred). For customers part of My Neighborhood Cleaning Club, we provide you with a cleaning starter kit that includes rags, brushes, and sponges. You provide your own supplies, whether your preference is conventional or eco-friendly. We recommend a glass cleaner, surface cleaner, and floor cleaner.

What time does the team arrive?

When you schedule a recurring cleaning service (weekly, biweekly, monthly) – we agree on the weekday that works best for your family and provide you with an arrival timeframe of one to two hours for your convenience. TNAG Cleaning Services will send you a reminder one hour before we arrive at your doorstep and remind you 2 days prior your scheduled cleaning.

Do I Need to Be Home When TNAG arrives?

We love to meet our clients, but being home is not necessary; we will leave it up to you. However, if we need a key to access your home, we recommend you meet with one of our team members on the day of the initial cleaning. We do not recommend leaving the key outside your home, as it’s not safe, and we are not responsible for it. Once we have established a recurring cleaning schedule, we will ask for either a key, or you can provide us with any access codes. Most clients share keys and/or set up a Guest Code for us to use.

How Does TNAG Guarantee the Security of My House Keys?

Keys are identifiable by a number system; your personal information is not displayed on any tags. Keys are stored in our office, locked, and secured. The key will be given out to the team the day of your scheduled cleaning and return the same day. We take inventory daily, and make sure the keys are safely locked at the end of each shift.

What is not included with the cleaning services?

There are a number of things we can’t help with for liability issues – our cleaning professionals do not use or carry a ladder or step stool, we have extension dust cleaners. To get the full list of what we are not equipped to help with, CLICK HERE (PDF TO BE ADDED)

Is TNAG Licensed and Insured?

TNAG is fully licensed and insured – if you would like a copy of the certificate of insurance, we will gladly provide you with a copy.

Is TNAG Okay with Pets During Cleaning?

We love our furry friends! If you do not plan to be home when we arrive, please inform us how to properly clean your home while doing what is best for your pet, as you know your pets better than we do.

Will TNAG Always Send the Same Team to My Home?

We make every effort to send the same team members to the same homes but there are instances when we may be required to substitute team members to service homes. Those who do not receive frequent cleanings are less likely to have the same team due to scheduling.

All of our team members receive the same standard of training, so you will always receive the same quality of service. Additionally, your cleaning booking profile includes notes specific to your cleaning instructions.

Can I Provide Special Instructions for Cleaning?

Yes, please share your preferences with our team before we service your home! We want to ensure you are fully satisfied with our performance and any special instructions can be logged in your service booking request.

Are Professional House Cleaning Teams Trained and Supervised?

Yes, each team member receives the proper training, and the training is ongoing as we learn about new products and cleaning methods. A team leader will always supervise our team members when they are in your home to ensure everything is completed to the TNAG standard.


No questions asked, we will schedule a re-clean the next day at no cost to you! We are happy to meet with you to discuss to make sure we understand your concerns and get it right.

How Do I Make Payments for Cleaning Services?

All payments are due at time of service, and we accept all major credit cards. We require a credit card on file to guarantee your service.

Are You A Green Cleaning Company?

We strongly suggest eco-friendly products. While most green products cannot remove all harmful forms of bacteria, we strive to use the most effective methods for each service. We use microfiber cloths and pads rather than paper.

What happens if something is damaged during the scheduled cleaning?

We are very careful about moving around within your home and pay close attention when dusting; however, if an item is broken or damaged, we will immediately send you an email, and we will cover the cost of replacement. Any valuable items will be handled via an insurance claim. We will avoid cleaning any items of extreme value, including, but not limited to, plasma TVs, computers, and other electronics.

Is My Personal Information Confidential?

Your privacy is our top concern to TNAG – we do not share any personal information with third party vendors! CLICK HERE to read more about our privacy policy.